Trump Team Memo Hints at Big Shake-Up of U.S. Energy Policy

A document obtained by Bloomberg News shows advisers to Donald Trump are developing plans to reshape Energy Department programs and identify staff who played a role in promoting President Barack Obama’s climate agenda.

Energy Projects Worth $50 Billion Are Stalled Until Trump Fills Empty Posts

Until President Donald Trump fills key vacancies at an energy regulator,  sprawling energy projects are in limbo, unable to secure permits to begin construction.

Trump Wants to Gut the Agency Behind the Shale Boom

An agency instrumental to America’s surge in energy production would lose half its funding in President Donald Trump’s proposed federal budget.

EPA Wins Clout to Fight Toxic Chemicals, But It May Take a While

Congress passed the biggest overhaul of chemical safety laws in four decades.  By the time EPA finishes work on the chemicals it has prioritized, the children of today’s children will have been exposed to them -- probably for years.

Trump Repeal of SEC Regulation Signals More to Come

President Donald Trump became the first president in 16 years to take advantage of a law that allows him to rescind a predecessor’s regulations.