Hillary's Burma Problem

It’s the crowning achievement of her tenure as secretary of state, and it’s unraveling at the seams.

In Japan's State Secrets Law, Shades of Red, White and Blue

Once hailed as a "spy’s paradise" because of its weak state secrecy laws, Japan is trying to reform its reputation as an information sieve with a hotly contested new measure that brings Japanese law more in line with U.S. national security policy.

Why It Took a Superstorm to Expose the Seedy Underbelly of Philippine Politics

Haiyan relief efforts are an ugly introduction to the personality-centered world of Philippine politics -- one marked by feuding dynasties, rampant cronyism, and, above all, dysfunction.

Big Brother's Burmese Comeback

Why the country George Orwell once skewered is finally embracing its non-native son.

Foreign Policy Magazine

Yangon, Once Frozen in Time, Inches Forward

Yangon’s skyline, punctuated by golden pagodas and the steel skeletons of new development, is a scene of picturesque disrepair and halting progress as Myanmar emerges from decades of military rule. 

VIDEO: Poetry After Politics

For years, the vague language of poetry was one of the only ways for writers in Myanmar to criticize the country’s military rulers. But now that censorship has ended, poets are writing more freely.

New York Times

TIME Magazine

Blood Ivory: Hong Kong Fights a Losing Battle Against Smugglers

China's demand for elephant ivory, which is still widely seen as a status symbol on the mainland, has transformed the port city of Hong Kong into a major transit point for illegal trade.

Boon or Bane: Will Mining Make or Break the Philippines?

The Philippine government believes bolstering extractive industries will drive growth. But religious leaders and environmentalists wonder about the cost.

American 'Pivot' to Asia Divides the Philippines

Recent trouble in the South China Sea has renewed debate as to whether the U.S. is a trusted friend, or an old foe.

VIDEO: Scenes From Hong Kong's Street Protests

Hong Kong marked the 15th anniversary of its return to Chinese rule and the inauguration of a new Chief Executive on July 1. Despite some spectacular fireworks, the mood was far from celebratory