Trump Administration Weighing Emergency Aid for Some Coal Plants

After failing to win a bailout for cash-strapped coal plants, some Trump administration officials are considering emergency orders that could keep at least some coal generators online, people familiar with the discussions said.

Trump’s Coal Man Is Racing Against the Clock to Bail Out Plants

President Donald Trump is on the verge of subsidizing coal plants that would otherwise be driven out of business by cheaper, cleaner natural gas. 


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Battle to Save a Dying Arizona Coal Plant Goes to Washington

For more than four decades, the Navajo generating station in the dusty Four Corners area of Arizona has been the region’s economic engine, generating jobs and vital government revenue along with 2,250 megawatts of power. 

Renewable Energy Not a Threat to Grid, Draft of U.S. Study Finds

A draft Energy Department study obtained by Bloomberg contradicts statements  made by Energy Sectretary Rick Perry.

U.S. Lays Groundwork for Saving Coal Plants With Grid Report

The Energy Department makes the case for rescuing the nation’s coal industry from widespread plant shutdowns.


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Nuclear Plants Closing Early Leave Decades of Toxic Waste Stranded

More than 76,000 metric tons of waste is stranded at dozens of commercial sites, just as the U.S. approaches a critical mass of nuclear-plant retirements.